Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Is Your Blackout Really Black ..."

... and have you drawn the curtains? 

Yes, we are following the events of the Second World War with particular emphasis on The Home Front.   In addition to our small store of books in the home we will be supplementing from the local library.  We have also been watching a really great school's programme that aired when I was a child, " How we used to live 1936 - 1953."  The programme brought back fond memories for me and Pip was riveted ;-)

Pip learned how to mend a pair of trousers and she wrote a step by step guide outlining what she had learned.  Nowadays we are enthusiastic about recycling or even upcycling but there is still a case to be had for mending an item.  When we mend we are giving that garment a second chance ;-)

 A patch for Dad' jeans.
(note from DH, the first resolution of these pictures for some Blogger reason is poor,
but if you click on them, they become much better)

After having watched a few episodes of " How we used to live," we took our learning into the kitchen and made an eggless ginger cake.  There was even a chance to learn some  science and watch the  bicarbonate of soda and vinegar, mimicking the raising agent of an egg.  Needless to say the cake was also gluten free and dairy free.  We found the recipe over on THE 1940'S EXPERIMENT

 Weighing and Measuring.

 Arial View.

 Rubbing the fat into the flour.

 Yummy served with dairy free custard. 

Monday, 15 May 2017

Fun Friday

We had a very unusual Friday full of surprises and fun. 

 First up I had an Instagram message from a blogging friend who happened to be in the area.  We met at a lovely tea room in Beetham, not far from the garden centre of our first meeting!

 Beautiful Celtic Cross.

A cottage that was festooned with foliage and flowers of all shapes and sizes.

 I would have loved to look inside the church but sadly it was closed.

 Outside the tea rooms.

 Inside the tea rooms view one ...

... and two.

 Having fun with the selfie mode on the flip screen, Gerry and Me :-)  Those tearooms are well worth a visit and they offer an excellent gluten free range. Due to its popularity it is advisable to book first!

The blue skies soon gave way to a steady stream of rain and in a last minute decision we hopped in the car and visited my mum for her birthday.  Tesco saved the day regarding the food and we were able to tuck into a decent selection of gluten free fayre. 

A lovely mum, nanna and great-nanna x 

Our third stop was a visit to Kathryn and Mary Grace for tea.  It was good to see them both but the visit was marred slightly by Benedict's blood sugars suddenly becoming quite unstable. As a result we left in haste and I was glad that we did because he had a horrendous hypo attack in the car and was quite unwell.  It really was a relief to be home. 

  Jorgen, a mighty eating machine bones, dog food, cuddly toys and wallpaper!  In short a tiny tearaway :-)  Good job, Kath and Mary love him!

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Gloucester Part Three :: Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway :: Highfield Garden Centre :: Holiday Knitting and Reading

On our last full day before returning home we split into two groups and went to two different places.  Dave, Pip and Uncle Mike travelled on the steam railway:

 Studying the tea room menu

 Dave's lunch chicken mayo wrap, tortilla chips and side salad.

 Dave messing with the art filter on my camera :-)

 One for the family album and yearly calendar.

 Another art fiter shot using the old style grain effect "film."

 Bye, Bye Train!

Whilst they were at the steam railway, Benedict and I pottered around at the cottage and then visited "Highfield Garden Centre" five minutes down the road:

 It was the first time I had actually eaten a proper meal since the day we travelled!

Once home I sat outside with my holiday knitting:

 I bought this Opal sock yarn from an independent knitting shop in the heart of Gloucester.  I had been knitting on some hand dyed yarn but had forgotten to bring an extra skein and so shock horror, no knitting!!  I was grateful for that trip into town on the Tuesday and by the following day I had made good progress :-)

 By the time the evening had drawn in I had already turned the heel and was working on shaping the foot gusset.

  I had also bought three books from the garden centre, two novels and one very helpful diabetes cook book based on insulin adjustment and low carb paleo cooking for type one diabetes.  The recipes are really tasty but a bit of a challenge since they rely heavily on dairy and eggs, two of the things that Pip and I cannot tolerate on a daily basis.  So we are switching up with some non dairy paleo foods from various sources across the web ;-)

I finished "Pedigree Mum" it was an OK read and I guess you would place it in the chick lit category.  I have read another book by Laurie King and it was a really good adaptation of Sherlock Holmes as a married man to a much younger woman, an Oxford graduate and his sleuthing protege.  Needless to say I am looking forward to reading this one and when I have finished it I will be passing it on to my friend Kezzie, who loves a good murder mystery!

Since returning home I have been unwell with the ususal hassles but I think I am slowly turning a corner.  There never seem to be enough hours in the day and although I am relieved that I have this online work it is also very stressful and time consuming.  Trying to write a blog post for the website is a marathon event of keywords, meta descriptions and the website net nanny checking every word and phrase for readability and search engine optimisation!!  Still it forces me to hone my writing skills and I have even become a little more confident with alterating the exisiting email newsletter format via Mail Chimp!  If you would like to read my recent post on The Mindfulness for Christians Blog it can be found HERE

Hope you have had a good weekend and managed to enjoy some sunshine wherever you may be x  

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Gloucester Part Two ~ Gloucester Regiment Museum :: Hubble Bubble

Hubble Bubble

 The sweet potato fries were for me as I can no longer eat potatoes, if I do the joint pain is horrendous!

Gloucester Regiment Museum


 This image cracks me up everytime!  In the late 1950's yound lads were conscripted for National Service and this is how your bed had to look for inspection time.  No chance of hitting the snooze button for the umpteenth time!

Those hats are very heavy!

 Part three to follow :-)

Tuesday, 25 April 2017


We are back at the same spot as last year.  Dave's brother Andy came to spend the weekend with us and it has become a family tradition that we have a cook out on the first night.  Uncle Andy cooked the bacon on the primus stove and I cooked the sausages and onions on the stove in the kitchen:

 Testing the selfie mode on the new mirrorless camera, an early birthday present for me :-)

 I believe the food was quite tasty, sadly I was not able to eat any of it as I have had a flare with stomach issues and have been struggling with constant nausea since arriving.  Ginger cordial has saved the day :-)

Jet Age Museum


 Ben was really fascinated with this talk.  He had watched a documentary regarding the Falklands War and the Vulcan bombers were significant in the whole affair.  There was also a bookstand in the main hall and Uncle Andrew managed to find a book capturing the tale of "Vulcan 607" an epic story of the most remarkable air attack since the Second World War.

Gloucester Quays Centre and Uncle Mike

Uncle Andrew had promised Pip a skateboard and so we duly set off to the Quays shopping centre.

 Can you tell she is happy?!!  She has not stopped riding it since yesterday :-)

 Dave testing an art filter on the camera whilst I grabbed ten minutes quiet time in a shop!

 Pip photo bombing and Dave explaining to Andy which button to press!

 Another early birthday present, a fab moving and shooting tank for Ben from Uncle A :-)

 Knitting time for me at Uncle Mike's.

 Lunch is served.

 An epic curry and an even better ...

... home made custard and crumble, with home grown rhubarb picked this morning.

Pip telling a tale.

We are off to the Gloucester regiment museum and Hubble Bubble cafe today, so no doubt more pictures to follow.