Saturday, 18 November 2017

Check Mate

We had a visit from MG and Kath today. The kids had fun playing all sorts of games but MG's favourite was a chess game with Grandpa :-) 


Friday, 17 November 2017

Film Fun

Quite unusually for us we have managed two trips to the cinema in the past fortnight.  Dave and I went to see this film:

I must admit I am a David Suchet 'Poirot' fan and so it was interesting to see Kenneth Branagh portray his interpretation of the detective.  It was a stellar cast and we were not disappointed.  The cinematography was astounding and Dave had loads of fun viewing it all from a railway civil engineering perspective :-)

Today we took the kids to see this film:

   We enjoyed the first film and were not disappointed second time round.  This film is a real family winner and raised loads of laughs, Pip is quite raucous once she gets going ;-)

Both films are worthy of a viewing.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

A Picture Post

Visiting Sara and Tom:

Black And White

Garden Work

Field Trip

 Searching for clues.

 Waving in the breeze.

 "You can't find me!"

A red robbin bobbing along :-)

 An unusual sight ~ the lesser spotted siblings actually working on an art project as a result of said field trip!

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Finally Catching Up

We were doing quite well until my Dad had another heart attack just over three weeks ago!  It all ended well and with the help from a pacemaker he seems to be doing just fine :-)

Dad being in hospital did mean some extra running around in the first few days and so for once, I decided to be eminently sensible and rest for the remainder of the week.

We have managed to keep on with basic homeschooling of English and Maths, thanks to Dave pretty much running the show at this end!  My health has not been great and with that and my job, I'm often run ragged by the end of the day :-) 

It has been a half term break in these parts, so we celebrated All Hallows Eve with some friends, had a visit from another family on the Wednesday and then pootled around at home in between. I managed to catch up with some outstanding work this morning and have rejigged my work hours to prevent having to work on a weekend.  Home schooling and content writing naturally use a lot of brain energy, so I'm grateful for the knitting projects that sit by my chair.  

As always I'm ever hopeful that I can pop by here on a more regular basis.  Whatever you are doing and wherever you may be, I hope you have a lovely weekend xx

 Little Miss Happy!  After years of buying milk in plastic cartons we have finally found a replacement milkman.  Pip was so excited to collect the milk from the doorstep, she has never seen milk in glass bottles :-)

 Dave has been taking part in a black and white photography project and uploading his pictures on faceache.  This is one of my favourites :-)

All Hallows' Eve

 Saint Paschal Baylon helping in the kitchen ;-)

 St Michael watching over the proceedings.

 A Saintly Tea.

 St Kateri Tekewitha

 Son and Mum

Back Row: St John The Baptist, St Paschal Baylon, St Brigid
Middle Row:  St Nicholas, St Michael, St Olaf, St Elizabeth of Hungary, St Kateri
Front Row:  The Infant of Prague

 St Paschal and St Brigid

Thursday, 5 October 2017

On The Hour

Our unit study this past week has been on time.  Pip has copied poems relating to the months of the year and the number of days in each month.  Today's challenge was to take a photo on the hour from rising to retiring.  In this way we would not only be tracking time, but activities throughout the course of the day.

7:00am ~ Pyjama clad Pip having fun with magnetic tessalations.

 8:00am ~ Post breakfast spelling test with a little bit of help from Maisie Mouse!

 9:00am ~ Multiplication worksheet en route to college.

 10:00am ~ colouring in said worksheet at Barton Grange.  I nearly took a photo of their completed Christmas displays but recanted, the whole thing is just ridiculous :-(

 Pip being silly, Moi very tired!

 11:00am ~ Dad using the flip screen function on my camera, whilst I popped into the GP surgery to deposit a whole slew of Diabetic Sharps Bins.

12:00pm ~ Now home and working in her English book, followed by copywork of The Harvest Moon  poem.

 1:00pm ~ Working on the water clock.

 2:00pm ~ Having a well deserved coffee break after having prepped a fruit bread and whilst waiting for it to rise.

 3:00pm ~ One Harvest Moon Scarecrow all decorated and waiting for his second proving in the oven.

 4:00pm ~  Round two of the college run and  looking just a wee bit tired.  All I can say is thank goodness Dave did not take a picture of me at this point!  I was feeling well and truly wrecked ;-)

 5:00pm ~ Almost home, just stopping by to post some letters.

6:00pm ~ An almost empty plate.  Salad, pate and rice crackers were demolished fairly quickly :-)

7:00pm ~ One Harvest Moon Scarecrow completely finished.  If you look closely you just might see, a tiny mouse like nibble at the very bottom!!  I wonder was Maisie Mouse the culprit or could it have been Little Miss PJ?!

We searched high and low but no Harvest Moon could be found, so this treat was a welcome supper just before bed. 

Friday, 29 September 2017

Thursday Beach Day

We finished all of our school work by early afternoon and decided to take a trip to the beach.  It was one of those rare days of sunshine and blue skies, a real autumn treat.

My health has nose dived again and I am really struggling on all corners.  I suppose that is one good thing about writing a blog, all we ever tend to show is the "highlight reel!"  These pictures portray a sunny day at the beach and for one fleeting moment all is right with the world :-)

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Making And Using A Balance Scale

We have been sharing and following along with Eva and Flora for our home school journey.  Both girls have been working on a unit study based around farming and harvesting.  We have also been using some of the practical activities from the " Pioneer Sampler" book and Pip had great fun with this week's practical task:

 Dad making the initial hole with a bradawl.

 Pip using the old DSLR whilst I am using the Pen-F

 Cutting the strings.

 Pip widening the holes.

 Running a first test using pennies on one side and sugar on the other.

 Calculating the weights. 
 1oz = 8 pennies and so 4oz = 32 pennies.

 32 Pennies.

 Weighing the oats

 Well Balanced.

 After we had weighed the oats we also measured the sugar.  The oats and dried prunes were placed in a mixing bowl.  And the honey, sugar and butter were placed in a saucepan and heated until melted.  The wet ingredients were added to the dry and the mixture was baked in a moderate oven for twenty minutes.

 Chopping the prunes.

The finished afternoon treat minus two pieces which were packaged and sent on to a neighbour who is recovering from knee surgery.

It has been a very tiring week with all the extra college travelling and so I am grateful when the weekend rolls around!